Introducing… Plantation

Plantation is the replacement bar to Mad Jacks, opening late November 2014. We spoke to Roseberry Taverns CEO Frank Lennon about the change.

What is Plantation?

Plantation aims to keep the best of Jacks, such as the late night opening at weekends and student night, the party vibe until the early hours and its role as the best night out in Ashton and make the venue more versatile, adding an amazing food offer and making it somewhere you’d be as happy to go to at 8pm for some burgers and craft beers as you would at 1am to dance to loud music.

So its still going to be a late night place with DJs?

Of course! The late night partying and DJs are our thing! The LED ceiling we are getting is going to be one of the coolest things in any bar in the north-west outside of Manchester or Liverpool.

What are you adding?

The two main things are going to be the food and the decor, it makes no sense to just have the place busy between 1am and 3am three nights a week, we have been working hard on the food menu and working with the interior designers so the space makes sense during the week, weekend afternoons, early evenings and late at night.

Tell us about the food.

Its a compact menu of four different types of Burgers, Three Dogs, Ribs, Veggie options and sides, at a great price point of between £4 and £8. The burgers range from the standard Plantation burger to the big stack, my favourite is the rodeo burger which is made from two prime beef patties, lettuce with Plantation secret sauce, double cheese, caramelised onions, dill pickles, candied bacon with bbq sauce to round it off all in a brioche bun! If you pester some of the staff you might get an invite to the soft opening night to try them before anyone else!

We’re adding loads of drinks to go alongside the food, imported craft beers and cocktails and non-alcoholic options such as thick shakes in funky milk bottles!

What about the decor?

I’m really excited about the decor, we have had some amazing designers in and they have done a brilliant job. It features a lot of reclaimed wood, white brick tiles, feature lighting using jam jars and other odd things and a DJ box that looks like a chest of drawers until you take the lid off!

There are loads of seating areas with booths, benches, lounge seating and tables that are fixed along the walls.

Will the decor work in the afternoon for food as well as late at night with music and dancing?

That was the main concern during the design process and we think we have cracked it. All the central seating area comes out at around 10 pm to make a central dancefloor, bigger than the currrent one in Jacks. The LED ceiling I mentioned just looks like a white suspended ceiling until it is turned on and we will turn the lights down and the LED ceiling on.

One of the main problems with Jacks was if you were one of the first ones in it really felt empty and flat, we think all the areas we have created will make it a great, comfortable place to sit and chat before the bar fills up.

Are you still doing Student Night?

Yes! We’re going to change things a little bit ready for the opening by starting a new night on Thursdays called “Frat Party” we’re going to have an American College Frat Party theme on it, serving fat frogs and vodkas in red plastic cups like they have in the movies. We’re working on the logo and uniforms for the staff as we speak. We’re going to have special events like “Spring Break!” You’re all going to love it.


Finally, what is happening during the refurb?

We will be using Queens for Student Night and we will be doing Jacks style music in Queens on Fridays. Mode will still be doing Saturdays upstairs.

Check out some of the plans below.


Liam Brown November 12, 2014 Plantation News